About Us



"Put ethics and customer satisfaction above all else."​​




The Silk Screen Warehouse went into business in 2004 with a simple three step plan:

· Eliminate unnecessary expenses

· Pass savings on to our customers

· Make sure the customer is satisfied

By executing this plan we make our company a friendly place, where customers feel free to come back and shop again because they know that at The Silk Screen Warehouse they are getting what they ordered on time the first time. They don't have to worry about any hidden fees, and they know that when they order through The Silk Screen Warehouse they are getting good quality merchandise.

In this economy we have met our share of critics who have said that it is impossible to turn a profit using this business model. We disagree for the Past eight years we have implemented this plan, by eliminating the need for a retail location and focusing on online sales and phone sales, we have also partnered up with some of the largest garment manufacturers instead of dealing with local distributors. By doing so we save on what would of been a huge overhead and saved a fortune on middleman fees. We then pass these savings on to you the consumer ensuring that you are satisfied and anticipate your return.

As you can see nine years later we are still in business and this plan still seems to work.