How It All Began...

"Putting ethics and customer satisfaction above all else."

In 2004, Joshua the founder of The Silk Screen Warehouse was caught in a bind. He needed some T-Shirts printed at an affordable price in a timely matter. This proved to be an obstacle as most of the companies were charging him an outrageous amount. After and exhausting search he went with a company that promised no hidden fees or shipping charges. After placing the order Josh couldn't help but wonder why even though the company promised those discounts, the overall bill reflected differently. Later Josh did some research and as it turned out the company did charge those fees what they did was hide the fees in the overall price of the Tees. He found this to be extremely dishonest and a bit unsettling.

This left Josh feeling rather curious as to why they would charge so much and how it was possible that they were still in business. After some extensive research Josh realized that not only the company he dealt with, but rather most in the industry was getting away with these hidden charges.

With this knowledge Josh saw an opportunity, an opportunity to start his own printing business, an honest business. Josh believed that if you put ethics and customer satisfaction above all else, everything else will fall into place. Soon after that Josh put together a strategic business plan. His strategy was a simple two step plan.


  • Eliminate the need for a retail location.
  • Partner up with the garment manufacturers.

You see this logic is simple by eliminating the retail location the company could focus on online and phone sales, it could also lease out a warehouse rather than a pricey storefront where it can house bigger equipment and more merchandise, therefore speeding up production.

Partnering up with the large garment manufacturers allows the company to eliminate all those pesky middleman fees while at the same time passing those saving on to the consumer.

After all that research and planning there was only one thing missing which was the most the important "Seed Money". He soon went to the banks and everyone of them denied him the business loan because he had no business experience.

But Josh didn't give up he believed in his plan so much that he swallowed his pride and went to his family and friends. Luckily they believed in him more than the banks did. In fact they were so excited about the new venture that they offered up more money than he had originally asked for. With the borrowed money he set out to conquer the world, well at least the printed garment industry. He purchased some used equipment and leased a 1,000 SF warehouse in Chicago's old meat packing district.

He officially opened up for business in June of 2004. Nine years, two automatic presses, three manual presses and 12,000 SF later, he has carved himself a corner in the garment industry and has established himself as a businessman who prides himself on business ethics and customer satisfaction.